Q: How is KCRF handling COVID-19?

A: KCRF is following all federal, state and local mandates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We update as we get news and regulations put into place. At this time, we are not requiring masks or proof of vaccination, but encourage everyone to have a safe and healthy good time. Some of our vendors may require masks inside their shops, so we recommend bringing one just in case.

Q: What does the admission price include?

A: Free parking, all Stage Shows, including the Tournament Jousting, Tradewinds Contests, Themed Weekend Events, and entertainment around every bend in Canterbury.

Q: What are the Dates and Hours of the Festival?

A: We are open Weekends Sept 4th – Oct 17th, 2021, plus Labor and Discovery Day, Oct 11th. Festival hours are 10am – 7pm, rain or shine. Discovery Day hours are 10am – 5pm.

Q: Is the Renaissance Festival open during the week?

A: The Festival is only open Saturdays and Sundays, Sept 4th through Oct 17th, 2021, with the exception of Labor Day and Discovery Day (Monday, October 11th).

Q: Are you open during inclement weather?

A: We are open rain or shine. We do not offer refunds in the event of inclement weather.

Q: What time are the Jousts?

A: Jousts are held daily during the festival at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes, the Festival is Dog Friendly! There will be half-priced dog admission during our Pet Weekend. See our Bring Your Dog page for more information!

Q: Can I bring prop or peace-tied weapons?

A: Unfortunately, weapons are strictly restricted on the festival grounds (even if they are peace-tied). Plastic, cardboard, and wood replica weapons are allowed as long as they do not have any sharp edges. The Festival bans guns on our premises. See our Key Policies page for more detail.

Q: What are your gluten free options? What about vegetarian options? What do I do if I’m allergic to many of the food products you serve?

A: The Kansas City Renaissance Festival offers a wide range of food options, including a limited number of vegetarian items. We also sell foods that contain peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs and wheat. Cross contact may occur with your food due to shared cooking equipment. While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are safe to consume for people with peanut, tree nut, soy, milk, egg, or wheat allergies.

Instead of risking adverse reactions, we encourage our customers who are concerned about their food allergies or other dietary limitations to bring a packed lunch to enjoy safely.

Q: Are outside food and beverages allowed?

A: In most instances, no. Many beverages, including water, are sold within the grounds. There is also a wide variety of food for sale. (Exceptions may be made for very young children or guests with special dietary needs.)

Q: If I leave the Festival, can I get back in?

A: As long as you have your hand stamped, you are allowed back into the festival for the day.

Q: Is there an ATM?

A: Yes, there are several ATMs on-site, including one outside the front gate. See the festival map to find one.

Q: Do all of your vendors accept credit or debit cards?

A: In most cases, you can use either cash or cards. However, we recommend bringing cash or using our ATMs, as there are a few cash-only locations.

Q: Is the Festival wheelchair accessible?

A: The Festival is held in a natural, outdoor setting. At times, the grounds may be muddy or difficult to maneuver in a wheelchair.

We do offer disabled-accessible parking and disabled-accessible portable toilets.

Q: Does the Festival provide any accommodations for the hearing impaired?

A: Yes. Sign language interpreters are on-site

Q: Where can I camp near the Festival?

A: There is no camping or overnight parking on the Festival grounds. The nearest campgrounds are the Walnut Grove RV Park in Merriam, Kansas and the KOA in Lawrence, Kansas, both within 25 miles of the grounds. There are other campgrounds in the Kansas City area; most are 40-50 miles away.

Q: Do you offer Discount Tickets?

A: Discount tickets and coupons can be found at various locations. Check out our General Admission and Promotions  pages for discount ticket opportunities.

Q: Where can I breastfeed at the Festival?

A: You are welcome to breastfeed anywhere you feel comfortable doing so! We do have a more private area in our Children’s Realm available, if you prefer.

Q: Are there special discounts for Military Service Members?

A: Show your military or veteran’s ID at the gate for a $20.95 adult ticket.

Q: Are two-day Festival Admission passes available?

A: We are offering a 2-pack of adult tickets for $36 in advance ($18 per ticket). These tickets can be ordered in multiples of two. Please visit our General Admission page to order.

Q: If I wear a costume, can I get in free?

A: No, but we have a costume contest daily!

Q: What if I need medical attention?

A: The Renaissance Festival provides a fully equipped and professionally staffed First Aid Station. If you need assistance, Festival staff and vendors can reach our Safety teams to request help.

Q: Where is the lost and found?

A: Anything that is turned in can be found at the Information Booth near the front gate that weekend. Otherwise, you may call the office at 913-721-2110, Monday – Friday, from 10am – 4pm to collect items.