Canterbury Public House

10:30am – Cheeks and Phoenix
11:15am – Clearly Guilty
12:00pm – Cheeks and Phoenix
1:00pm – Clearly Guilty
1:45pm – Cheeks and Phoenix
2:30pm – Clearly Guilty
3:15pm – Cheeks and Phoenix
4:00pm – Clearly Guilty
4:45pm – Cheeks and Phoenix
5:30pm – Clearly Guilty

Children’s Realm

10:30am – Tales from the Loch
11:00am – Tales from Avalon
11:30am – Tales from the Loch
12:00pm – Tales from Avalon
1:00pm – Puppet Show
2:00pm – Tales from The Loch
2:30pm – Adventures with Gwen Greenknight
3:30pm – Tales from the Loch
4:15pm – Children’s Parade
4:30pm – Tales from Avalon
5:00pm – Puppet Show

Choral Pavilion

10:30am – Gaelic Brass
11:00am – Singing Braves of Bonner (Sat. Only)
11:30am – MO West Chamber Singers (Sat. Only)
12:00pm –
 Gaelic Brass
1:00pm – Singing Braves of Bonner (Sat. Only)
1:30pm –
 Gaelic Brass
2:00pm – MO West Chamber Singers (Sat. Only)
2:30pm – Gaelic Brass
3:30pm – Gaelic Brass

Crown & Rose

10:45am – Nature’s Educators: Creatures of Halloween!
15am – Maxwell the Magnificent
12:00pm – Knightwings: Birds of Prey
1:00pm – Maxwell the Magnificent
1:45pm – Knightwings: Birds of Prey
2:30pm – Maxwell the Magnificent
3:15pm – Knightwings: Birds of Prey
4:00pm – Maxwell the Magnificent
4:45pm – Knightwings: Birds of Prey
5:30pm – Maxwell’s Mishaps

 Dragon’s Breath

10:30am – The Bad Hatter’s Improper Tea Party
11:00am – The Jester Rejects
11:45am – The Bad Hatter’s Improper Tea Party
1:45pm – The Jester Rejects
2:30pm – The Bad Hatter’s Improper Tea Party
3:15pm – The Jester Rejects
4:30pm – The Jester Rejects

Dunwoodie Dell

11:15am – Figment’s Origin Stories
12:00pm – Orckes & Trolles
12:45pm – Figment’s Origin Stories
1:30pm – Orckes & Trolles
2:15pm – Figment’s Origin Stories
3:00pm – Orckes & Trolles
3:45pm – Figment’s Origin Stories
4:30pm – Orckes & Trolles
5:15pm – Figment’s Origin Stories

Enchanted Forest

10:30am – Fairy Tales & Hay Bales
11:00am – Elderwood
11:30am – Sounds of the Feywild
12:00pm – Fairy Tales & Hay Bales
12:30pm – Elderwood
1:00pm – Tales from Avalon
1:30pm – Fairy Tales & Hay Bales
2:00pm – Elderwood
2:30pm – Tales from Avalon
3:00pm – Fairy Tales & Hay Bales
3:30pm – Elderwood
4:15pm – Sounds of the Feywild
4:30pm – Fairy Tales & Hay Bales

Executioner’s Stage

11:00am – Pub Crawl Start
11:45am – Costume Contest
12:15pm – Hula Hooping Contest
1:00pm – Pub Crawl Start
1:45pm – Sausage Eating Contest
2:45pm – Pumpkin Smash
3:00pm – Witch Hat Ring Toss
3:30pm – Root Beer Chug


10:30am – Flint Hill Fairies
11:00am – Banduri Dance (Sun. Only)
11:30am – Flint Hill Fairies
12:00pm – Broomstick Race
12:30pm – Ray-Pec Chamber Singers (Sat. Only)
12:30pm – Banduri Dance (Sun. Only)
1:30pm – Tamsin, Valkyrie of Flames
2:15pm – Death Parade
2:30pm – Flint Hill Fairies
3:00pm – Banduri Dance (Sun. Only)
3:30pm – Tamsin, Valkyrie of Flames
4:00pm – Banduri Dance (Sun. Only)
4:30pm – Tamsin, Valkyrie of Flames
5:30pm – Flint Hill Fairies

Old North Bramble

10:30am – Misti Bernard
11:00am – Lady Nancy
12:00pm – Misti Bernard
1:00pm – Lady Nancy
2:00pm – Lady Nancy
2:30pm – Misti Bernard
3:00pm – Lady Nancy
4:00pm – Misti Bernard

Pirate Ship/Swill Pond

10:45am – The History of Violence
11:30am –
 Robin Hood Swill Pond Show
12:15pm – The History of Violence
1:00pm –
 Robin Hood Swill Pond Show
1:45pm – The History of Violence
2:30pm –
 Robin Hood Swill Pond Show
4:00pm – Robin Hood Swill Pond Show
4:45pm – The History of Violence

Queen’s Folly

10:15am – Dr. Dumpe
11:00am – Bob the Incredible Juggler
11:40am – Dr. Dumpe
12:40pm – Bob the Incredible Juggler
1:20pm – Dr. Dumpe
2:00pm – Bob the Incredible Juggler
2:40pm – Dr. Dumpe
3:20pm – Bob the Incredible Juggler
4:00pm – Dr. Dumpe
4:40pm – Bob the Incredible Juggler

Royal Glade

11:00am – Valley Falls Choir (Sat. Only)
11:30am – West Plains Madrigals (Sun. Only)
12:00pm –
Cloud Nine Aerial Arts
12:30pm – Valley Falls Choir (Sat. Only)
12:30pm – West Plains Madrigals (Sun. Only)
2:00pm – Cloud Nine Aerial Arts
3:30pm – Human Combat Chess Match
4:15pm – Candy Corn Relay Race

Royal Pavilion

10:30am – Princess Margaret on the Harp
11:30am – Princess Margaret on the Harp
1:00pm – Madrigalia Bar Nonne
2:00pm – Madrigalia Bar Nonne
3:30pm – Madrigalia Bar Nonne
4:00pm – Princess Margaret on the Harp
4:30pm – Madrigalia Bar Nonne

Shadowgate Downs

1:00pm – Joust of Skill
3:00pm – People’s Joust
4:00pm – Heroes & Villains Tug of War
5:00pm –
Joust to the Death

SeaFarer’s Beergarden

11:00am – Mooncalf Magic
11:30am – Ray-Pec Chamber Singers (Sat. Only)
12:00pm –
 Bonny Way
1:00pm – Mooncalf Magic
1:30pm – Ray-Pec Chamber Singers (Sat. Only)
2:00pm – Bonny Way
2:30pm – Mooncalf Magic
3:00pm – Bonny Way
4:15pm – Mooncalf Magic
4:45pm – Bonny Way

Three Lions Stage

10:45am – Jolly Rogers
11:30am – Bawdily Harm
12:30pm – Jolly Rogers
1:15pm – Bawdily Harm
2:00pm – Jolly Rogers
2:45pm – Bawdily Harm
3:30pm – Jolly Rogers
4:15pm – Bawdily Harm
5:00pm – Jolly Rogers All Request Show
5:45pm – Pub Sing

Washing Well Stage

11:30am – Washing Well Wenches
1:30pm – Washing Well Wenches
3:30pm – Washing Well Wenches
4:45pm – Washing Well Wenches

Wildewood Chapel Grove

10:30am – Gwenneth Whistlewood
11:15am – Charlie Shea
12:00pm – Gwenneth Whistlewood
1:00pm – Charlie Shea
1:45pm – Gwenneth Whistlewood
2:30pm – Charlie Shea
3:15pm – Gwenneth Whistlewood
4:00pm – Charlie Shea
4:45pm – Gwenneth Whistlewood

Wizard’s Tower Stage

All Day – Continuous Feats of Magic by Sir Steve Payton, King’s Magician
& Marvelous Matt

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