Dog Registration Form
Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Fill out the form below or download a version to fill out offline.

•All dogs must be on a leash at all times
•Dog leashes cannot exceed 4 feet
•Owners must clean up after their dogs
•Only one dog per owner will be allowed
•Dog owners must report any incidents to security/first aid
•All dogs must have their festival tag or ribbon visible at all times
Must bring:
•Proof of Rabies Shots from Veterinarian OR Tag on dog with date of expiration
•Photo of dog (in case dog is lost on site)
Your dog’s admission may be revoked if, in the sole discretion of the Renaissance Festival staff, it is determined
that your dog poses any risk to the health and safety of others, or you or your dog are not complying
with these rules.
Please read, sign, and submit this waiver as part of your Dog Registration Form:
I am aware that during the course of my visit to the Renaissance Festival, certain inherent risks are involved
because I am attending with my dog. In consideration for being allowed to attend the Renaissance Festival
with my dog, I agree to assume FULL AND TOTAL liability for any and all damages including, but not limited
to, injury to a person, property, or other dogs that are alleged to have been caused in total or in part by the
direct or indirect activities of my dog, me, and/or other persons attending the Renaissance Festival with my
dog. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify the following entities and individuals from any cause of action
that directly or indirectly involves my dog: Mid-America Festivals Corp; all other companies with similar
ownership and/or management as is in place at Mid-America Festivals Corp., including, but not limited to,
City of Bonner Springs & Wyandotte County, including of their respective governmental and corporate officers,
agents, employees, guests and other individuals, acting in an official or advisory capacity. I agree to
pay for the costs of attorney fees and court costs incurred by the above mentioned parties to defend any actions,
in addition to any other costs and damages that may be assessed.
I hereby certify the following:
1. I am the owner of the dog attending the Renaissance Festival
2. I will be in control of my dog at all times while at the Renaissance Festival
3. All of the information contained in this Dog Registration Form is accurate
4. My dog has not been deemed a dangerous or potentially dangerous animal at any time in the past
5. My dog has never caused a problem in a crowded public environment such as the Renaissance Festival
If my dog should bite a person or another animal, cause property damage and/or be directly or indirectly involved
in any incident I agree to the following:
1. I will report the incident immediately to the Renaissance Festival Safety/Security staff
2. I will keep my dog available until I have received instructions from the Renaissance Festival staff and/or
local authorities regarding the required procedures.
Bring a physical or digital copy of this form to the Will Call window to register your dog for the Kansas City
Renaissance Festival. You will receive a tag or ribbon to show that your dog is registered.


Pay $10 at Will Call or purchase here for $10 plus processing fee.

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