New in 2018

Plague Escape

Do you have what it takes to escape the plague? Find the cure before you contract the disease in this one-of-a-kind 20 minute escape room. All ages. $10 per person.

Costume Rental!

Get into the Renaissance Festival Spirit and dress up in traditional styled clothing. Prices vary upon product. Located outside of the Front Gate.

Highland Hill Camp!

Great Scott! The Scots have built their new home in Canterbury. Learn about their traditional cooking, houses, and lifestyle during the renaissance era.

Dragon Encampment!

A Dragon has invaded Canterbury!

Throne of Swords Tavern

 More information coming soon!

Dirty Pickle Liquor Bar

 More information coming soon!

Wizard’s Flight School

Learn to fly and see the Renaissance from a different perspective by taking flight on our zip line!


Meet a magical, real life unicorn! Feed and capture a photo with this legendary creature!

50 Free Family Activities!

Bring your whole family to the Festival to experience the magic! Some of the activities include pirate hat and fairy wand making, watching the children’s knighting ceremony, the Grand March Parade, maypole dancing, meet & greet with entertainers, visiting the petting zoo, and more!