Community Relations & Fundraising


The Festival has three methods to help your organization raise funds, please see below for more details.


Download the form (PDF format – You will need Adobe Acrobat to read it)


Option 1

The 2016 Kansas City Renaissance Festival offers an exciting fundraising program involving over 100 different food and beverage booths ranging from a two person to a ten person booth depending on your fundraising goals.

The 16 day fundraiser involves running a single Food and Beverage booth to an entire food and beverage area at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Your organization could earn its entire year’s fundraising goal in just 7 weekends. Groups will earn a percentage of the booth(s) revenue with additional funding through our incentive program.

The earning potential is unlimited, not to mention the teamwork and fun
your organization will experience!
• Great for schools, churches, scout troops, athletic teams and non-profit organizations.
• Teach your organization valuable skills including: money handling, customer service, problem solving and work ethic.

What the Festival provides:
• Cooking Area • Booths • Training • Area Support • Costumes
• Food Supplies • Recipes • Utensils

What the Fundraising Organization provides:
Organization, Enthusiasm and Staffing of Booth(s)

Option 2


This involves a large group of youth/ adults to monitor and keep the Renaissance Grounds  and bathroom locations clean daily. This is a full day.

Option 3

Food/Gifts Day Work

Smaller groups will work in a food booth or gift location from 11AM until 5PM.

The payment is a fee for maximum of 10 workers daily. Group will need one adults sponsor.

Download the form (PDF format – You will need Adobe Acrobat to read it)