Escape Rooms by Clue Pursuit

Escape Rooms by 

Plague Escape – $10 per person

Dr. Lev Pasted is an plague doctor who was working on a cure for the plague.  It was rumored however that he was using the blood he collected for something much more sinister.  He had been said to have been close to a cure but has since disappeared.  His lab has since been a hot zone for the plague and anyone who spends 20 minutes in it will contract the disease.  Your job is to enter his lab, figure out what he has been doing and find the cure before you contract the disease as well! Purchase advanced tickets HERE!

Alchemist’s Study – $10 per person

You and your fellow students have been working with your teacher, Grand Master Nicholas Flamel on the impossible task of discovering the formula for the Philosophers stone.  The stone is the key it is said to turn any metal into gold.  However their work is viewed as dark magic and forbidden in the kingdom.  But now Flamel has disappeared but not before letting you know he had made a breakthrough. Now it is up to you to discover Flamel’s secret and where he went before the city watch find them and arrest them. Purchase advanced tickets HERE!