Daily Royal Events

Daily Royal Events


Beer and Bacon Tasting – $15 per person

Enjoy bawdy humor and music while sampling 4 unique craft beers paired with hand-cut specialty flavored bacons from one of KC’s favorite butcher shop, Fritz’s meats. Over 21 event.


Royal Pub Crawl – $25 per person

This 90 minute event takes you on a tour of 3 of the notorious pubs in the village and includes 3 beers, a Renaissance Festival mug, and tons of wicked fun! Over 21 event.


Queen’s Tea – $12 per person

Join the Queen and her ladies for tea and whimsical stories and song. Delight in delicacies both sweet and savory; meet Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and her handsome Prince as they tell their version of the enchanted evening at the ball. The grand finale is a special sweet treat you won’t want to miss.


Fairy Time Treats – $6 per person

Visit the Enchanted Forest and dine on sweet cakes and lemonade amid enchanting stories of adventure and merriment. The Fairies of the Realm will bestow a charming gift upon their young guests. Recommended for children 6-12.


Royal wine Tasting – $15 per person

Discover a new favorite amid our hand-picked selection of wines from Prophecy, served with a variety of fruits, cheeses, crackers & chocolates. Over 21 event.


Chocolate and Mead Tasting – $20 per person

Bring your sweet tooth for a nectar-filled journey which includes four different pairings of delicious mead with delectable chocolates. Both educational and wildly entertaining, this is an over 21 event.



Vine, Vino & DaVinci – $25 per person

Unleash your inner artist with our entertaining painting class. Participants will receive a glass of Apothic Wine and be treated to some cheese & crackers to nosh on while creating their keepsake masterpiece with the guidance of a skilled artisan. New paintings every weekend to go with that weeks theme! Over 21 Event.


Royal Romance Package – $74.95 with admission; $54.95 without admission

Enjoy romantic refreshments for two on the second story balcony above the Cup and Chaucer overlooking the beautiful Cotswold Common area. Your one hour event includes admission into the Festival for two, a personal server for one hour, two keepsake champagne flutes, one split of champagne with a charcuterie & cheese board and a dessert perfect for sharing. Over 21 event.


Escape Rooms by 

Do you have what it takes to escape?  Dive into our immersive escape rooms to see if you and your group has what it takes to find the clues, unlock the mystery and solve the mission before your time is up.

You have 20 minutes to solve your room.  If you don’t book all available tickets others could purchase them and join your group.  Ages 13+.

Plague Escape – $10 per person

Dr. Lev Pasted is an plague doctor who was working on a cure for the plague.  It was rumored however that he was using the blood he collected for something much more sinister.  He had been said to have been close to a cure but has since disappeared.  His lab has since been a hot zone for the plague and anyone who spends 20 minutes in it will contract the disease.  Your job is to enter his lab, figure out what he has been doing and find the cure before you contract the disease as well! Book now (available soon!)

Alchemist’s Study – $10 per person

You and your fellow students have been working with your teacher, Grand Master Nicholas Flamel on the impossible task of discovering the formula for the Philosophers stone.  The stone is the key it is said to turn any metal into gold.  However their work is viewed as dark magic and forbidden in the kingdom.  But now Flamel has disappeared but not before letting you know he had made a breakthrough.  Now it is up to you to discover Flamel’s secret and where he went before the city watch find them and arrest them. Book now (available soon!)